ArtStream’s mission is to create artistic opportunities for individuals in communities traditionally under-served by the arts in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Founded by Patti Woolsey, RDT, ArtStream offers Inclusive Theatre Companies based on the Barrier-Free Theatre method, social skills classes, and arts programs in Military Hospitals and special needs organizations.

Barrier-Free Theatre Company of Maryland

Barrier-Free Theatre of Maryland is an all-inclusive theatre company that comes together to create original one-act plays, founded by Britt Burr, RDT. BFT-MD also offers classes that use the arts to teach social-emotional skills.

Muncie Civic Theatre Barrier Free Program

Muncie Civic Theatre

North American Drama Therapy Association

A nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the state of New York. NADTA’s goals are to educate and promote public awareness and expansion of the field of drama therapy; to encourage a consciousness of diversity, to establish and uphold high standards of training for drama therapists; to maintain a system of registration and peer review for those members meeting established qualifications; to encourage research; to provide forums for the connection and sharing of ideas among drama therapists, to sponsor meetings and publications promoting the development of professional training opportunities in drama therapy and all other activities pertaining to it.

The Drama Therapy Fund

The Drama Therapy Fund was organized in 2003 and received IRS approval as a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit charitable organization in 2004 to support the development and growth of drama therapy. Annually scholarships are given to the national NADTA conference for drama therapists in financial need, grants are given for student and professional research, and awards are presented for the best Research Thesis or Dissertation on drama therapy.

British Association for Drama Therapy

BADth is the professional body for Dramatherapists in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1977, is formally constituted with Officers and an Executive Committee and has its own Code of Practice. BADth has the legal status of a non-profit-making company, limited by guarantee. Currently, it does not have charitable status. Through the work of its executive officers, subcommittees and individual members, it represents Dramatherapists’ interests in numerous ways: for example, with employing authorities, government departments, professional bodies and the media.